Co-working, Nusa Dua Style

The number of co-working spaces in the world has spiked significantly in recent years with estimates ranging from some 5,800 to 11,300 since 2014, and projected to reach 30,000 by 2022, according to Emergent Research which tracks small businesses and independent work.
And by November this year Nusa Dua will have its own shared working space. The “Créa” will provide year-round office support and will become a hive of activity for international events, such as APEC, Asean Summit, Miss World Pageant, etc.

“The Créa will become our seventh and final element to Nusa Dua after accommodation, shopping, golf, theatre, hospital and convention centre,” says ITDC, CEO, Abdulbar M. Mansoer.
“Not only the does this premium office space provide a comfortable and complete spot to work from, but also an atmosphere that is soothing and aesthetic with meeting facilities and café, a check-in lounge and more; we have also planned an office space for airlines, or whomever can benefit from being in the heart of Bali tourism.”
Mr Mansoer sees ample opportunity and benefits for creative minds that seek business and life balance amongst beautiful and peerless surroundings. “What a great source of inspiration,” he says.
The growth of the world’s freelance population is a huge reason for the increase of co-working space like Créa. According to Leanne Beesle, co-cofounder & CEO of CoWorker: “The flexibility, cost-effectiveness and social components of shared working spaces are attracting more and more startups and small businesses to forego regular office leases for coworking memberships.”

Members can work by the pool or at the beach in Nusa Dua, minus without the heat and sticky conditions and unstable restaurant Wi-Fi.
Ricky Baheramsjah, Head of Investment and Marketing for ITDC says: “There is a sizeable demographic of travellers who appreciate being able to leave the family to enjoy the holiday yet be close enough to the ‘office.’”
According to Steve King, partner at Emergent Research, three intersecting trends are at play. The first is the steady growth of an independent workforce that craves social and professional connections. The second is a vibrant startup culture that prizes flexibility and can't be tied down with a traditional five-year lease on office space. The third is a growing interest from established corporations in setting up shop in creative workplaces that attract new talent and invite out-of-the-box thinking.
When considering Créa, a few more elements converge and the first is simple: Nusa Dua is beautiful and relaxing, a Xanadu for an independent professional. The other alluring feature is Nusa Dua provides a healthy contrast for Jakartans who may be wish to add a few extra days to their holiday but at the same time can’t justify being too far from business commitments.
​About Créa:
  • S​uitable​ for diverse groups ​and​ start-up companies, creative industries,​ digital nomads, and independent professional​s​.
  • Space also provides office ​"​lofts​"​ for established companies.
  • Facilities include: ​24 hour café and restaurants, high speed internet, lounge and spa, bank and ATM center, shopping arcade, IT and gadget stores, exhibition hall​ and check-out service.
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  • 04 Oktober 2018|