2018 Infobank Awards BUMN 
Tes AjaITDC won the 2018 Infobank BUMN Excellence Award in the category of Hospitality and Tourism for its financial performance in 2017. The award was presented Sept. 26 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta.
ITDC Adds Facilities for IMF-WB Meeting
ITDC added sophisticated infrastructure facilities worth Rp. 22 billion ahead of the IMF-World Bank Annual Meeting. ITDC President Director Abdulbar M Mansoer said the event required updated representative facilities to support the security and comfort of the delegates such as a Command Center.
Mr. Mansoer said a new two-story building with an area of 400 square meters was constructed over five months at a cost of Rp 5 billion. ITDC also carried out repairs such as widening roads to accommodate nearly 100 shuttle buses. A 10-meter wide wave barrier to Nusa Dua’s “The Bay” was also built.
Built by the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf), a theatre was constructed for the performance of Lagaligo, an epic story of Bugis culture. The show is now a regular feature in Nusa Dua. Nusa Dua today has a total of 15 hotels totaling 5,300 rooms all of which were booked for IMF-WB held in Oct.
Pesona Nusa Dua Fiesta for IMF-WB
The 22nd annual Pesona Nusa Dua was held in Sept., an event featuring arts and cultural activities along with the Mandiri International Badung Night Run 2018. Both events were held as a precursor to the IMF-WB meetings to display readiness in welcoming some 20,000 delegates.


ITDC Performs Emergency Simulations at Mandalika
The ITDC Mandalika Health, Safety and Environment team organized a disaster mitigation training simulation in August, held in West Mandalika involving Mandalika employees, contractors and construction management totaling over 400 people.
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