Taking a Mindful Approach in Exciting Times

Dear Readers,
Momentum is a wonderful thing, the impetus gained by the development of a process or course of events, and that’s where ITDC is today. The wheels are in absolute motion with new facilities and brands in Nusa Dua and significant stages of progress at Mandalika, including the Pullman resort set to open this year.
In this edition of Frontiers be sure to read the Mandalika: “Massive Audience on Doorstep of Mandalika International Street Circuit” which cites several intriguing facts about Indonesia’s love for all things Motosports.
Mandalika races will in time become the talk of the country, not just sporting events for international audiences, but also events our fellow Indonesians will look forward to with fervent national pride --- “a weekend at the races.”
Meanwhile in Nusa Dua we continue to bring new life to our time-honored facilities such as the completed construction of a walkway over the spectacular Peninsula outcrop, with its natural blowholes formed in the rocks over hundreds of years. It’s a simple but pleasurable pursuit and great photo opportunity viewing the movement of Indian Ocean waves forced into fissures resulting in dramatic seawater spray as high as 30 meters.
New resorts to open in 2019 include Shangrila and Renaissance and on the horizon for 2020 is the opening of Cartoon Network Nusa Dua theme park, a facility expected to attract up to half a million tourists per year.
Despite the excitement, ITDC is in constant pursuit to not just create new destinations and attractions, but also ensure our health and safety and environmental concerns are in check.
With last December’s West Java tsunami we understand our nation has its share of safety challenges therefore being mindful and prepared for natural disasters as well as sustainable tourism development is cornerstone to who we are.  
All tourism activities and infrastructure within our destinations has and will continue to meet safety and sustainability, essentially tourism that respects local people, cultural heritage and the environment as well as the health and wellbeing of our visitors.
Selamat Jalan
ITDC President Director
Abdulbar Mansoer
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  • 19 November 2018|